About Us

Nova Publications started as a small publishing house in 1995. Hazel Reed created Nova to publish her first book - Stage One - Riding & Stable Management which covered the syllabus for the British Horse Society's examination.

The success story of the decade

As she was taking her BHS exams Hazel noticed that there were no textbooks to cover the exams. There were lots of textbooks covering the various subjects, but these either went into the topics too deeply or did not cover what was mentioned in the syllabus. As she was being taught for her Stage
Three by Jody Redhead, she realised that her notes for the Stages One and Two, taken from lectures and practical experience, were good sources for books. She started compiling her notes and wrote the Stage One and part of the Stage Two together with her instructor Jody.

She and Jody sent out the first two books to publishers and these were quickly snapped up by two main publishers in the equestrian market.

Unfortunately neither of these Publishers wanted to design and publish the books as Hazel wanted them. She saw them as being separate books for each exam, the Publishers however wanted to group them together into one book. Cheaper for the publishers and likely to make more profit.

So Hazel chose to go alone, a brave decision as neither she nor anyone she knew had ever published a book, let alone run a publishing company!

The rest is history. She published and printed 500 Stage One books, which quite a few people said would never sell. They were sold within the first three months and Nova now publishes thousands of Stage One books alone.

After the success of Stage One came the Stage Two. This book included the Riding and Road Safety Test, another innovative turn for Nova as no one had ever included this vital Test with the BHS Exams.

Stage Three followed and hot on its heels was the Preliminary Teaching Test.
Hazel has now been persuaded strongly to write the Stage Four which she is doing at present.
Nova is the success story rather like David and Goliath. For an unknown writer so set up a new and unknown publishing firm in the extremely tight knit equestrian market was amazing. Nova is the success story of the past decade and is going from strength to strength.
Hazel receives hundreds of letters per month thanking her for her books and she is thrilled that her total commitment in the face of daunting odds paid off and has helped so many students. Indeed her books are now used as the standard textbooks by examiners, even chief examiners, lecturers and instructors all over the world.