This Guide has been written for all students and candidates of the British Horse Society Stage One Examination. This book is not only essential for all those involved with the Stage One, it is also extremely useful for anyone wishing to learn about the elementary aspects of horse and stable management.

    Written in a ‘reader friendly’ style, this book contains useful aids for studying, Exam tips and information about the Stage One gained from the author’s own experiences. It encourages students and their instructors to prepare for the Examination with confidence.

    This Second Edition has been updated and revised to include the new format for the equitation section of the Examination.

    This Guide, the second in the series, comprehensively takes students through the Riding & Road Safety Test and the BHS Stage Two Examination.

    Written in the same ‘reader friendly’ style that made the Stage One Book so popular, the Stage Two Guide contains theoretical information as well as the knowledge gained from practical experience in day-to-day stable management.

    Lecturers and instructors will also find this book invaluable when teaching students. Indeed this book will be of interest to anyone wishing to gain a deeper knowledge of horses and stable management.

    This Guide directs each student in a logical progression through the Stage Three syllabus.

    The knowledge within this book is presented so that it is understood. Often students are anxious or lack confidence because the books giving them the information are written in a style that is illogical, shallow and unnecessarily complicated. Here, through the writer’s skill and experience, is a book created and designed to be fully informative, clear, concise and a joy to read. This helps the student to learn and so fulfil his or her own potential and ability.

    As with the Stages One and Two by Hazel Reed, this book is useful to everyone wanting to gain a deeper knowledge into riding and stable management. It is proving to be an essential reference book for everyone covering a wide variety of subjects deeply such the horse’s conformation, medical facts about diseases and injuries and lungeing.

    This book covers the British Horse Society's Preliminary Teaching Test, the first teaching assessment in the BHS Examinations.

    This book also covers the preparation, study and the amount and type of practice needed to pass this Test. Each candidate can then pass their Test with confidence in their own ability.

    Students and instructors can increase their teaching techniques, achieve new levels of performance, and fulfil their own potential abilities through studying this book.

    Teaching is a skill; this book offers the foundations from which everyone can learn, understand and create this skill for themselves.